This is what all the best wines are wearing this season.


Every bag is a walking billboard for your business. You can't afford to pass up the opportunity to let potential customers know about your shop by letting a plain paper bag walk out the door. When your customers come in to select the perfect bottle, let them know you took the time to choose the perfect bag. Cardinal Bags are thick paper stock, printed with pride, and always Made in the USA.



Stock Designs - Ready to Ship Today

We are proud to introduce these gorgeous new Bottle Bags, perfect for any winery, wine club, or tour. ALL designs can be customized to feature your brand colors, name, address, or any other changes you wish. Just give us a call today at 1.800.526.9032 to get started!


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Bag Specifications

At Cardinal Bag Co. we have many stock bag designs to choose from.
All of our paper bags are Made in the USA in our manufacturing facility in Monroe, NC.

CUSTOM BAGS require a 4 case minimum order. STOCK BAGS available 1 case at a time.

Stock Colors

Winery bags are the perfect outfit for every bottle you sell. Choosing the perfect color to compliment your brand and design puts the finishing touch on the bag of your choice. With 24 stock colors to choose from, you are sure to find one that works for your business.