A Cardinal Bag in the hand of your customer communicates quality.


Cardinal Bag offers many attractive pharmacy designs that can be customized for your store - or you can let us work with you to create a bag design unique to your business. Producing the highest-quality RX bags for Pharmacies has been our focus for over 60 years. First introduced in 1955, our Pharmacy line has set the standard for quality. We offer only the most useful sizes in Flat, Gusseted, and Square bottom bags. Our bags are perfect for all uses from prescription drugs to impulse buys at the counter. We lead the industry in custom low minimums and generic bags - available one case at a time.


Stock Designs - Ready to Ship Today

Cardinal Bag Co. offers three distinct designs for Pharmacies in your choice of eight full case size/quantities starting at $52.42


two mini-case size/quantities.

500 #23 Bags, Size 5"x2"x10" for only $39 plus Shipping
1,000 #25 Bags, Size 6"x4"x11" for only $75 plus Shipping

Bag Specifications

At Cardinal Bag Co. our stock bag designs come in many shapes and sizes.
All of our paper bags are Made in the USA in our manufacturing facility in Monroe, NC.


Stock Colors

Choose from our stock colors below to give your Pharmacy's RX bags an exciting splash of color. When your customer walks out the door with a branded bag featuring your logo and colors, there is no mistaking the high quality of your merchandise and the value of your customer.

If your design features a color not listed in our stock color list, we may be able to purchase ink that matches your needs. Provide us with the Pantone PMS color number, and we will be happy to provide a price quote for you.

Our Bag Designs

Cardinal Bag co. offers three stock bag design in a wide variety of sizes to fit every need for Pharmacies from RX bags, to small grocery-style bags, or flat bags for books, magazines and greeting cards. Choose any of our stock designs in the size you like, or choose to customize yours with a logo in your brand color scheme. Cardinal Bag can do it all.